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Expekt Release 3.6

by Max Wenzin on May 3rd, 2011 was updated to version 3.6 this morning! One of the changes is that pretty, SEO-friendly URLs have been introduced on the odds and sports event pages, and also in the content management system.

Screenshot of Expekt Sports Odds page for Premier League

Take a closer look at the URL.

Close-up of address bar

As you can see, the URL now contains the league name. This improves usability and search engine optimization (SEO).

If we click one of the sport matches, we will see that those URLs are now more readable aswell.

Screenshot of match page

Take a closer look at the URL of the match page.

Close-up of address bar for the match page

It now contains both the league name (“Eng. Premier League”) and a description of the sports event, in this case the two team names: “Everton – Manchester City”.

In a coming post, I will write about the techology behind these pretty URLs, why they are constructed the way they are, and what to think about when building SEO friendly URLs into your own web applications.

I will also be monitoring how Google will index these new URLs and make a special note if Google picks up just the english versions, or other languages aswell. My guess is that it will only index the default language (english) until Expekt has implemented language subdirectories.


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