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Git and GitHub

by Max Wenzin on May 11th, 2011
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I now have an account at GitHub and am starting to learn Git. Git is a free and open source, distributed version control system. Being used to Perforce, I will probably compare a lot to how Perforce works…

Yesterday I made my first (small!) contribution to another project (repository). Blackened Systems is building a website/system platform in Scala and MongoDB and I’ve decided to pitch in to learn these technologies. This morning my “pull request” was accepted and merged into “blackened-parent”. (

So far my impression of GitHub is that it feels like it can really make it fun to contribute to other projects!

You can follow Better Code (betrcode) at

Interested in a new version control system? Read about Git at

Sick and tired of Oracles installation procedure? Try MongoDB! Unzip and run!

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